Established in April 2016 after the selection of Osaka University as a Type A university (Top type university) in the framework of the "Top Global University Project" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and towards the realization of the "World Tekijuku" Project (*see below), the Center replaced the "International Strategy Promotion Office" from academic year 2015. The Center leads plans and proposals to strengthen and promote global collaboration at Osaka University. Additionally, it coordinates overseas development of education, research and international contributions.

Top Global University Project

"Global University 'World Tekijuku'"

Realizing OU Vision 2021

Evolving into a World-Class Comprehensive Research University through the Efforts of the Top Global University Project

Looking toward the 90th anniversary of its founding in 2021, Osaka University has created the "OU Vision" for the 6-year third mid-term goals period, positioned as the "period of its evolution," as its guidance for continuous efforts for self-reform.
In order to openly share the outstanding knowledge created at Osaka University to society, OU Vision 2021 has taken "Openness" as its cornerstone, consisting of 5 pillars: "Open Education," "Open Research," "Open Innovation," "Open Community," and "Open Governance." Through this Vision, all students, researchers, faculty and staff at Osaka University will fully realize their potential creativity and advance the university to the next stage as a world-class comprehensive research university.
Since its founding in 1931, with the intent to co-exist with a free-spirited civil society, Osaka University has produced outstanding human resources to provide both the region and the world with the most advanced academic achievements. This driving force can be traced back to the powerful civil spirit nurtured in Tekijuku and Kaitokudo, where Osaka University' s origins can be found. Over the ages, Osaka University has cultivated human resources who have been equipped with critical thinking to acquire both the expertise to master the essence of scholarship as well as sure-footed societal judgement based on wide-ranging knowledge, transcultural communicability to be able to converse with people of different cultural backgrounds, and design prowess to nurture a free imagination and the ability to form a network that brings diverse parties together.
In OU Vision 2021, in addition to mastering one' s own field through the outstanding pursuit of scholarship, by carrying out active "integrated study of knowledge" that crosses over fields of study, Osaka University will cultivate human resources who can promote "collaborative innovation" through mutual understanding and cooperation with people with different knowledge, skills, experience, and standpoints. Through this, in addition to solving societal problems on a global scale that involve various, complicated contributing factors, it is also possible to produce top leaders of global society, top level researchers, and advanced professional technicians who will promote the advancement of world-leading science and technology and greatly contribute to the creation of a society rich in humanity.
Osaka University will co-create innovative knowledge through collaboration with the world' s civil society and various stakeholders, and, as a flag bearer for human society, will evolve into a world-leading comprehensive research university that answers the calls of society in order to become even more of a driving force in providing the world with dreams and change.



The Center is located on the fifth floor of the Co-Creative Innovation Building.