Message from Director of the Center

I am KAWAHARA Genta, Executive Vice President of Global Engagement and Student Support. I became the Director of the Center for Global Initiatives on August 26, 2017.

This Center was established in April, 2016 with three divisions: the Global Outreach Section, Global Collaboration Section, and the Global Exchange Support Section, combining the functions of intramural and extramural international collaboration and exchange support mainly carried out by our two previous centers: the Global Collaboration Center and the Office for the Promotion of International Strategy.

In April 2017, this center was reorganized as an educational research organization for the development of new projects, as well as continuing its previous duties, enhancing globalization at the university, creating diverse collaboration opportunities in and outside the university, and spreading presence of Osaka University worldwide.

It now has four divisions: the Planning Unit, specializing in planning and drafting global collaboration projects; the Global Strategy Unit, which focuses on global PR projects and information sharing related to inter-university academic exchange agreements; the Overseas Centers Unit, which was previously the separate Supervisory Office for Overseas Centers; and the Campus Innovation Unit, which is responsible for collaboration projects involving JICA and the ASEAN Campus Project.

The rate of globalization is increasing, which has led to serious issues and challenges. As one example, issues posed by Japan’s rapidly aging society constitute an ongoing challenge for the world, and finding the solution will lead to the resolution of social issues on a global scale.

It is also important to seek mutual understandings between cultures and societies, while simultaneously considering the rise and tendency of nationalism, which seems to be gaining ground as a reaction against globalization.

The four divisions of the Center cooperate as one unit, and use their unique characteristics to promote global collaboration while cooperating with the other divisions of the university, creating a center whose activities are well-known in, and beyond the walls of, Osaka University. We graciously ask for your sincere support in our endeavors.



Director of the Center for Global Initiatives