Center for Global Initiatives Open Lecture held


On Thursday, November 16, Osaka University was pleased to host a guest lecture by one of the most renowned scholars in the field of higher education, Professor Simon Marginson, Director of University College London's Center for Global Higher Education.

The lecture, held in OU's Suita Campus Convention Center, was organized by the Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) as part of OU's Top Global University Program. Following greetings and introductions by Executive Vice-President Tadashi Kobayashi and CGI's Professor Mayumi Ishikawa, Professor Marginson delivered an engaging lecture to a group of more than 50 academics, students and others from inside and outside the OU community. His lecture, entitled How good are Japan's research universities in global terms, and how much does it matter?, covered global issues concerning higher education today, such as increasing international competition and internationalization strategies.

Significantly the lecture covered both Japan's and OU's relative performance in the global university rankings and research performance. The session concluded with a lively discussion with attendees regarding their thoughts on how universities in Japan are performing.