Organizational chart of the Center for Global Initiatives (reorganized in April 2021)

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Planning Unit

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  • Plans new initiatives a roadmap for strategic internationalization
  • Collects, analyzes, and shares information on the status and trends of global higher education
  • Promotes bilateral and multilateral collaboration with overseas universities and consortia (such as APRU, U7+, AEARU)
  • Enhances university-wide collaboration for strategic international student recruitment

Overseas Centers

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  • Promotes international joint research
  • Promotes student exchanges
  • Builds and deepens international academic exchange networks
  • Promotes international PR activities

Global Strategy Unit

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  • Promotes world-leading research and international joint research
  • Collaborates with Global Knowledge Partners (GKP)
  • Plans and implements international PR activities
  • Gathers and shares information about the status of inter-university and inter-faculty agreements

Campus Innovation Unit

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  • Establishes and manages overseas campuses including OU ASEAN Campuses
  • Promotes student inbound and outbound programs utilizing overseas campuses
  • Supports international industry-academia-government research collaborations in partnership with international organizations
  • Cultivates high-level talent that contributes to resolving local issues
  • Collaborates with other departments related to advanced global literacy education

Student Mobility Unit

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  • Strategically admits talented international students
  • Implements study abroad fairs in collaboration with ‚Äčother departments and graduate schools
  • Implements short-term study abroad programs to cultivate student internationality
  • Implements student exchange programs that corresponds to the new normal during and after the COVID-19